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About Us

Mission Statement

Bragg Elementary School challenges students to be critical thinkers and respectful citizens in our school and community.


Vision Statement

Bragg Elementary School promotes a respectful environment and provides real-world opportunities and tasks that challenge our students to become critical thinkers.


Collective Commitments

  • We commit to intentionally seek and share best practices with colleagues.

  • We commit to building relationships with one another.

  • We commit to building wide collaboration to keep our work student focused.

  • We commit to using data and evidence to improve student learning.

  • We commit to respecting all students and meeting their diverse needs: academic, social, and/or emotional.

  • We commit to setting goals to ensure continued student success.

  • We commit to engaging parents in their child’s education and making them feel welcome in our school.

  • We commit to celebrating all success, large or small.